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Polynesian dances


Polynesian dances have their origins in that area of the Pacific Ocean in between the Hawaii islands in the North, New Zealand in the West and Easter Island, which includes French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu.
Sinuous movements of the arms, soft rocking of the hips, ancient rhythm of percussions and ukulele: Polynesian dances are, without any doubt, a striking performance to see, and they could convince anybody to move permanently in one of these wonderful Pacific islands.

The most spread and fascinating dances are the Hawaiian Hula, the Tahitian Ote'a and Aparima.

These dances are practiced by men and women since ancient times. They were considered to be ritual and religious and they were danced to stress various socio-cultural events. This dance expresses a deep love for nature and for creation.
The missionaries banned these dances at the beginning of the 17th century because they considered them to be immoral, but today ancient traditions are being recovered and it is possible to dance again with the traditional costumes made of leaves, floral crowns and coloured sarongs

The dances

The peculiarities of these dances rest in every single movement of hands, hips, feet and in their harmony. When dancing, the different body axes are to be controlled to keep them balanced and to reach harmony.
The frequent moves towards opposite sides alternatively stimulate the right and left sides of the brain, increasing coordination. This brings more awareness, attention and conscience of your own way of life.

Polynesian dances make the body more agile, strong and firm, they tell about balance between body and soul, harmony between energy and substance. The movements of the hips stimulate the blood flow in the pelvis area, giving benefit to internal organs. Muscles become soft and flexible and the cardiovascular system is activated. 
They awaken the joy of living increasing self esteem and confidence.
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